Bonnie joined the Marines at 19 years old. She deployed to Iraq in 2007 and Afghanistan in 2010. While in Afghanistan she worked alongside Navy doctors and nurses and saw first-hand the carnage of war. In December of 2011 she was honorably discharged. Bonnie had no support system and overwhelming trauma. During the next 10 years she found herself homeless and struggling in life. In 2021 Bonnie reached out to Cowtown Warriors and we were able to provide much needed financial assistance and help her get back on her feet!

“After much needed mental help and healing I was ready to move out on my own, but an old debt stood in my way. I reached out to Cowtown Warriors. Cowtown Warriors payed my debt in full so I could get back on my feet. Their most recent help for me was getting me a brand-new washer and dryer!

Having a stable safe roof over my head has allowed me to focus on my studies of becoming a horse trainer to help my brother and sister veterans heal, and I am proud to say I finished my semester with straight As. Thank you Cowtown Warriors and all the generous donors who have our 6!”