William “Bill” Hudson joined the Navy in January 1945 on his 17th birthday, his Father agreed to sign the parental waiver allowing him to enlist with his best friend. After an extended stint at Boot Camp due to scarlet fever and pneumonia he was sent to the Pacific Theatre. He would serve there until December 1948. He was honorably discharged as a Quartermaster 2nd Class. Bill returned to active duty September 1950 after being called up from the Naval Reserves to serve in the Korean Conflict. Initially assigned to a destroyer, he was soon transferred to San Francisco due to his previous years of service. From then until April 1952 Bill was assigned to the Horace F. Spurgin, an ACM-13 mine planter and “herald” installer operating out of San Francisco Bay.

Upon returning to civilian life, Bill earned his GED and worked with what is now known as FEMA until his retirement in 1991. Bill needed a new bathroom after falling and injuring himself while getting out of the shower. Cowtown Warriors was informed of his situation and we had the honor of providing him a nice re-modeled walk in shower to accommodate his needs! Bill is living in Denton enjoying retirement and spending time with his family.

Bill Hudson Bikini Atoll