He strives to continue serving his fellow veterans focusing on his local community. Cowtown Warriors has given him the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of North Texas Veterans.

Clint Ludwig

Board Member, Marine Veteran, Chief Deputy Tarrant County Clerk

He is driven to assist veterans achieve a sense of purpose and support their efforts to get their lives back on track.

Bezan Morris

Treasurer, Marine Veteran, Financial Advisor

He is motivated to continue serving by empowering wounded and disabled veterans to live happy and productive lives through the efforts of Cowtown Warriors.

Blake Harris

Board Member, Marine Veteran, Founder & President, Brazos Royalty Group

He is motivated by his personal mission to help his fellow veterans and to seek out solutions to help improve the overall quality of life for veterans in need!

Adam "AK" Rodriguez

Executive Director, Marine Veteran, Executive Director of Cowtown Warriors

He has continued to assist his fellow Veterans with his work at Cowtown Warriors, and with helping them understand the realities of the Military to Civilian transition.

Bart Lesniewicz

Secretary, Board Member, Marine Veteran (Ret.), Safety & DOT Manager, Texas Pride Fuels

His involvement stems from his desire to assist those local Texas veterans who have sacrificed for our country, and need a hand that they deserve.

Col James Korth

Board Member, Currently Serving, Owner, The Law Offices of James Frederick Korth

He is driven to positively impact the lives of North Texas Veterans and aid those who are in a time of need.

Eric Martinez

Board Member, Marine Veteran, Director of Digital Sales, Microsoft

Having been associated with Cowtown Warriors since it’s inception, Tim believes strongly in continuing the mission of supporting and empowering wounded and disabled veterans in his local community. 

Tim Hatcher

U.S. Marine Veteran, Partner and Financial Advisor at Purewater Capital LLC