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Cowtown Warriors is Fort Worth 501(c)3 with the mission "To Serve and Honor our Wounded North Texas Veterans."

The Team

Cowtown Warriors is comprised of 100% volunteers. Our vision is "To be the premier all volunteer, non-profit, veterans support organization in North Texas by providing quality of life assistance to our wounded and disabled veterans in need."

Annual Event

The Cowtown Warriors’ Ball is a formal annual fundraising event held at the Fort Worth Club in Fort Worth, TX with the goal of raising funds and awareness for the critically wounded and disabled veterans of North Texas. All proceeds and contributions from the Cowtown Warriors’ Ball go directly towards the assistance of these fine Americans; salaries and overhead are NOT funded through our donor contributions.


Upcoming Events

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Past Event

1st Annual ESPN/Cowtown Warriors Happy Hour

Past Event

3rd Annual Cowtown Warriors Ball

Past Event

4th Annual Cowtown Warriors Ball


In January 2013 the leadership of the Metroplex Marines Coordinating Council (MMCC) was notified of a critical funding shortfall for the Wounded Warrior Regiment, an active duty Marine Unit in Quantico, Va. charged with the care and rehabilitation of badly wounded and disabled Marines from years of continuous combat. In an effort to raise funds for these Marines and Navy Corpsman several Fort Worth businessmen, led by Jeremy Spann and sponsored by the Former Secretary of the Navy Gordon England, organized the 2014 Fort Worth Wounded Warrior Ball. Although successful, the individual ball highlighted a shortfall in monetary support and other resources for veterans of all services who live in North Texas, who have served honorably, and who suffer from severe physical and psychological injuries related to their service.

Thus the decision was made to memorialize the annual event as the Cowtown Warriors Ball, and to stand up a unique 501(c)3 “The Cowtown Warriors” that organizes the annual event, screens qualified veterans for the receipt of donated funds, holds monthly meetings, and operates within the organizational by-laws and government regulations. Since inception, the group has held 5 balls/galas, and several other smaller events targeted for specific projects. In all, these events have raised $625,000 for the cause. Our Cowtown Warriors’ Ball has always generated world class guest speakers that have included former Service Chiefs, former Secretaries of the Services, former and current Commandant’s of the Marine Corps, and other high level Generals and Admirals of the United States Armed Forces. We’ve evolved over time, but the Mission remains the same. We’re an all-volunteer organization designed to help our wounded and disabled North Texan veterans’ achieve the highest possible quality of life.

  • Founded in January 2014

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Inaugural event's guest of honor and speaker was Romus Burgin and we raised $50,000!

  • 2nd Event 2015

    Growing Substantially

    Guest of Honor and speaker was Lt General Charles H. Pittman and we raised $100,000.

  • 3rd Event 2016

    Picking up the Pace

    Guest of Honor and speaker was General John Allen and we raised $150,000.

  • 4th Event 2017

    Developing a Strong and Dynamic Team

    Guest of Honor and speaker was Admiral James Stavridis and we raised $180,000.

  • 5th Event 2018

    Supporting Veterans

    Guest of Honor and speaker was General Robert Neller (link to bio) and we raised $300,000!

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Our Amazing Team

Cowtown Warriors is comprised of 100% volunteers

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