Patrick joined the Marine Corps in 2002 and became a field radio operator. In 2005 he deployedto Iraq as part of the 2nd Marine Division’s Personal Security Detachment (PSD). Half-way through his deployment Patrick was on a patrol when the HUMVEE he was driving struck an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). The bomb resulted in Patrick having to have both of legs amputated above the knee. Patrick was medically retired from the Marine Corps with an Honorable Discharge.

Patrick has always had a passion for working on motorcycles. However due to being in a wheel-chair it was extremely difficult for him. The founder of Cowtown Warriors, Jeremy Spann, was informed of his situation. Jeremy then put on a charity skeet shooting event and raised over
20,000 dollars! This was used to build Patrick a full wheel-chair accessible motorcycle shop in his back yard! Patrick is now able to continue with his passion of working on motorcycles for his neighbors and friends and using this as a source of income for his family. Patrick lives in Joshua, Texas with his wife, two children and his beloved service dog.