Dario joined the Army in February of 1968, he became a 76y40 (armorer). He was sent to Vietnam in July of 1968. When he arrived in country, he was sent to Camp Enari near the “Dragon Mountain” 7 months after the battle of Dak To. Due to a shortage of Artillery personnel he was assigned to an Artillery battery and was taught how to operate the gun, along with call for fire. During his time in Vietnam he did multiple patrols with the 4th Infantry Division when manpower was short. Dario spent 19 months serving honorably in Vietnam. During one of DFW’s notorious heat waves, Dario’s air-conditioning went out. He and his wife were enduring temperatures of over 100 degrees with nothing but box fans. One day Dario was fueling up his car he met a fellow veteran and was told to reach out to Cowtown Warriors. Cowtown Warriors was able to purchase he and his wife a new cooling unit along with replacing his 25 year-old furnace for the up-coming winter! Dario and his wife are doing great and spend time with their grandchildren and great grandchildren.