Luke joined the Marine Corps in 2004. He became a bulk fuels specialist and later an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Marine. During his first enlistment he deployed to Iraq twice and was stationed in the Al Anbar province. On his first combat tour, he was on a vehicle recovery mission after a road-side bomb struck a convoy. During the recovery, fuel on the damaged vehicle ignited causing severe burns to Luke’s face and hands. Luke recovered from his burns and completed the deployment with his unit.

After his second deployment, Luke reenlisted and deployed to the Sangin District of Helmand Province of Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan, he responded to an average of 3 IEDs a day along with several firefights. Luke was exposed to numerous bomb blasts which caused traumatic brain injury and was medically separated from the Marine Corps in 2017 with an Honorable Discharge. Luke returned home and began working in construction. Luke was involved in a bad car accident which totaled the truck he relied on for work. Cowtown Warriors found out about his situation and due to the generosity of north Texas donors was able to purchase him a new truck so he could have a reliable paid off vehicle for work! Currently Luke is living in prosper
with his wife and children and doing very well!

Luke Doty