Raymond joined the Army in 1991. He became an 11Bravo (infantryman) and served honorably until 1994. After the invasion of Iraq, he re-enlisted in the Army to do his part in the war on terror. Less than 3 months after re-enlisting he deployed to Iraq where he served in the lead up to the first battle of Fallujah. On January 9th, 2004 he was in the turret of a Humvee when it was hit by a road-side bomb. He was knocked unconscious for roughly 1 minute. This injury took him out of combat patrols and led up to him spending hospital time in Germany, Walter Reed, and San Antonio. Upon returning to his unit, he was able to go back to Iraq and finish the deployment with his platoon.

Cowtown Warriors heard of Raymond and how he needed a bed, we were able to step in and purchase him a new temper-pedic for his back, along with a brand-new air-conditioning unit to replace his old worn out one! Raymond is living in DFW with his family and does his best to volunteer for his fellow veterans when he has time.